Thursday, February 07, 2008

A loppet and a caucus

Having attended both a loppet and a caucus this week, Ben and I are going for a record: highest number of strangely-named events in a four-day period.

The loppet, which is a cross-country ski race, was held by candlelight on the icy surface of a frozen lake near our home. There were a couple of ice spectacles (not sculptures exactly--think pyramid of ice bricks) and, allegedly, free coffee. We couldn't locate the latter, but it was still fun. Some bad photos of the Luminary Loppet can be seen here.

Caucus is a Latin term meaning "totally disorganized." Just kidding, but our caucus was all but mayhem. The doors opened twenty minutes late, they ran out of ballots (which, by the way, were basically yellow Post-It notes), and the ballot box itself was a copy paper box with a hole cut in the top. The Dems, God bless 'um, were completely unprepared for the unprecedented caucus turnout in Minnesota.


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