Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snuggly-buggly treesie-weesie

I came across this Random Act of Crochet in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, right outside the doors of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I'll spare you the photo
of my friend Alexa hugging this cuddly tree.

P.S. I know the tag says knitting and the photos say crochet. And I know knitting and crochet are different; trust me, I know. Let's just roll with this so I don't have to make a new tag I'll never use again, okay? xooo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bento blast!

You have been bento blasted. Click to enlarge.

From top to bottom:
Spicy tempeh fingers, chocolate cake, oranges, and pasta salad with tomato-tahini dressing.

Creamy pasta salad, chocolate chip coconut pumpkin muffin (thassright!), carrot sticks, and salt and pepper fried tofu.

Tortilla chips, red pepper hummus wrap with veggies, brownie, and a cute little pear.

Carrot sticks, edamame, chocolate chip cake, and potato-spinach squares.

Cantaloupe, zucchini muffin, spinach and red pepper pasta salad, hummus, and Ben's favorite crackers.