Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Here, kitty.

Somehow, this creepy froglike thing, a work in progress, is
going to turn into a sassy stuffed tabby. That's my
objective, at least. But now that classes have resumed for
the summer, I need to wrap up this stuffed animal-assembling
chapter of my summer; otherwise, I know from experience that
I'll become busy with illustration work and leave these half-
finished knitting projects sitting around until Christmas, at
which point I'll try to resume production but will have
forgotten how I was doing any of it. It has happened with more
than one sweater, at least one pair of gloves, and a certain
"chenille sheepie" that has gone unattended since 2007. So I
want to finish up this feline fella soon. Maybe tonight, while
extravagantly watching the last five episodes* of 30 Rock's
second season?

* Do you think I can't watch five episodes in one evening? Because I can.


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