Saturday, August 22, 2009

Helmet: magenta and yellow

After a tornado hit downtown Minneapolis (you didn't hear about it because weather-related news about the eastern states always eclipses weather-related news about the midwest), we had a couple days of flood rains followed by some cold weather. In Minnesota, it's hard not to feel a little depressed by the feelings of doom brought about by cold weather in August. Winter will be here sooner than we'd like, and those are nine long, cold months in this part of the country. Our cold-weather preview motivated me to knit a winter hat.

I am driven to knit hats with earflaps. Absolutely driven. Yesterday I came up with this woolly helmet with a giant button. It's magenta and yellow! And as I began to knit it up, I soon realized that this had is destined to belong to my friend Andrea, who lives in a cold part of the world herself and who is quite charming in a helmet.


  1. Christmas present request: helmet cozy. Thank you.

  2. I'd like one please..I can't bear the thought of winter :(

  3. Alright girls, after some deliberation I am willing to trade this woolly helmet, worn only to model for the photograph, for a sweet handmade thingy of your engineering. I have many handmade hats, and since you like this one so much, I am happy to let one of you have it. Proposals? Message me on Facebook.