Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a thing in the world...

to complain about. Although the unpacking is going slowly because I'm huge and sleepy, I now have time to do it and can even (sort of) enjoy the process of putting things in their new places.

And... we have a hammock! Two perfect hammock-hangin' trees stand at the front edge of our green and ample backyard, and yesterday Ben hung up my new favorite place to luxuriate:

The dog, who seems to have a new lease on life since we moved out of the city, likes to sleep underneath the hammock while I'm in it, which is not what I expected. (If ever I fall out of the hammock, neither of us will be happy.) I knew Bella would appreciate having company outside, but... directly beneath the low-hanging* hammock? She is really insistent on staying close. Although this dog has moved many, many times in her long life, she is still responding to our recent change of locale with some uneasiness. We good-naturedly assume that it is in fact the stress of moving that caused her to eat that kitchen sponge the other day.

In other news, Ben and I signed up for childbirth classes at the local hospital. The reality of my situation of affairs begins to sink in: I actually have to give birth to our baby! Nobody else can do it! Only me! Based on the materials I've received beforehand, the terrific reputation of our hospital and its doctors, the thoughtful and thorough needs assessment I filled out this morning, and the unmitigated niceness of every person I've talked to at the new hospital, I think our class will be a good one that will tell me more or less how I'm supposed to do this thing. And I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but maybe we'll even meet some other couples we like. We need friends in our new town!

* At least, low-hanging when there's a pregnant lady napping in it.


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