Monday, June 18, 2012


Bee's favorite things to do right now:
go to the pool
dig in sand, dirt, and gravel
drink watered-down juice
climb... also, climb
watch trucks haul, scoop, or convey stuff
hang from bars, pull-up style*
interact with big kids
talk energetically about this one time when we saw a parks crew
   employee get lifted up into a tree by a cherrypicker

*She doesn't have a ton of opportunities to do this, but she makes the most out of playground equipment and drawer handles.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Bunny Puppet

Man, some parts of parenthood are really fun. Apparently I get to assemble a (secular) Easter basket for Bee every year! So, here's one for 2012: pai
l, sand toys, bunny puppet, marshmallows, orange scarf for crazy toddler dancing, and some wooden musical instruments.

I knit the bunny puppet -- and finished it with a full 24 hours to spare before Easter. I know, go me. And I'm happy to share my pattern with you. (For personal use. You know the routine. Please don't make these and sell them, or sell the pattern.)

Worked in one piece with the exception of a very quickly-finished bobble-esque tail, the Bunny Puppet is nearly seamless, and the knitting itself is uncomplicated: stockinette stitch with a moss-stitch border to prevent curling. It's knit from the bottom to the top. The only technique that is at all off the beaten path is the shaping of the ears, and even that is pretty straightforward -- similar enough to knitting the fingers of a glove, actually. Choose any smooth worsted-weight yarn you like for the body, and any white- or cream-colored yarn (fluffy is nice) for the tail -- only a tiny amount is needed for the latter, so definitely look through your odds and ends.

Bunny Puppet

knitting in the round on dpns
stockinette stitch
moss stitch (*k1, p1, rep from * around)
kitchener stitch
a basic embroidery stitch of your choice for facial features

5 #5 dpns
2 small stitch holders
stitch marker
1 skein worsted for body
small amount white or cream fluffy novelty yarn for tail, worsted weight
Embroidery wool for facial features

CO 49
Join and pm.
Work moss st for 6 rounds.
Work st st until piece measures 8" from CO edge.
Sewing needle and thread to match bunny's tail or body (you choose)

Shape the ears:
You need an even number of sts when you shape the ears, so dec 1 st as follows:
k tog the last st and the first st of the round (you'll have to remove the marker to do so). Replace marker after the k2tog. Work to last 4 sts of the round, then k the last 4 sts on a new needle. Slip marker and work the next 4 sts. Keep these 8 sts on their own needle. Break yarn.
Place next 16 sts on holder, place next 8 sts on another holder, and leave the last 16 sts of the round on their own needle.
So, now, just to check in: you have 8 sts on one needle, with a marker in the center; you have 16 ear sts on a stitch holder; you have 8 sts on another holder; and you have 16 "live" ear sts on a dpn. It is these last 16 sts that you are going to work in the round for ear #1.
Ear #1: Rearrange the 16 sts on 3 dpns. Attach yarn and work in st st for about 18 rows (or desired length of ear). Place ear sts on two dpns and use kitchener stitch to close.
Ear #2: Return to 16 sts on holder arrange on 3 dpns. Attach yarn. Knit and close as with ear #1.

CO 2 sts loosely.
R1: (kfb, k1) in each st. 6 sts. rem.
R2: kfb each st. 12 sts rem.
K for 8 rows (or 6 rows for a smaller puff).
NR: (k2tog) across. 6 sts. rem.
NR: (sl 1, k2tog, psso) twice. 2 sts rem.
Fasten off: Pass 1 st over the other, then pull last st. through.

Use kitchener stitch to graft the remaining 16 sts at top of bunny's head.
Weave in ends. Lightly stuff tail and sew to back of bunny.
Embroider facial features as shown, or take this opportunity to design the bunny face of your dreams.
Above: don't hop away, little bunny puppet! we loves you!