Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bento bounty

I've been enjoying making summertime bentos for my lunch,
full of fresh fruit and cold salads. Perfect for this task is the
wondrously frufru bento box given to me by my girl Jenifer
last Christmas... it doesn't get photographed that much,
despite its cuteness, but I do use it a lot.

Left: hummus, carrot sticks, cherries, fried tofu, and chocolate chip banana bread.

Closed bento with crackers in the fork compartment.

Cherries and fried tofu.

Wrapped and ready.

Ben sticks with his usual bento, the original Laptop Lunch model. I
was excited to see that the Laptop Lunch people have come up with
system 2.0, and that more of the containers have lids! Tragically,
the new containers and lids are not compatible with the old.

Left: Mango-peach-strawberry salad, lemon bundt cake, garlic-almond rice pilaf, and chickpea and tomato salad.

Veggie pasta salad, chocolate muffin with fresh cherries, homemade hummus, fried tofu, and Ben's favorite kind of cracker.

More cherries, carrot sticks, chocolate chip banana bread, baba ganouj, and homemade focaccia bread.

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