Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two bentos and a story

Ben, who I believe loves taking a delicious homemade lunch
to work, and says he absolutely does not find the bento
box embarrassing, told me this story re: a recent workplace

Another attorney in his office-- let's call her Betty --
saw Ben opening his lunch. Checking out the individual
containers of food that my husband was about to enjoy,
Betty squinted and asked, "Do you make those? Are you
really anal-retentive or something?"

"Actually," Ben informed her, "my wife makes them for
me. So I think the word you're looking for is lucky."

I love it. But it's weird how many people think it's
strange to bring one's lunch to work or school. People
find the bento box format especially weird, it seems.
But who cares? Let those people enjoy their frozen
microwave lunch, or spend $10 going to a restaurant
for lunch every day. That's not our way.

Below: sautéed seitan, blueberry muffin, peanuts and
walnuts, spinach couscous, and chickpea and tomato salad.

Below: overexposed photo of black bean and spinach
salad, chocolate cupcake, carrot sticks, and rotini
pasta salad with peas.


  1. Could you explain why you use "husbeau"? Is that an intentional combination of husband & boyfriend, implying that you guys are still quite romantic about each other?

  2. This story made me laugh out loud!

    Some people are just bitter! Really now, why can't a person just enjoy their tasty lunch without ridicule? I say she was just jealous!

  3. Ulana: right? I agree, jealous. She wishes she had a wife like me.

    DVZ, exactamente. I didn't invent the term, though. I got it from the illustrious Pam Berry.