Monday, November 23, 2009

Animal brides, Thanksgiving,
selling out, travel

Today I made creamy potato-leek soup while finishing the first
two paintings in a series about mythical animal brides *. I
began with the frog maiden and the girl who married
a crow, and because I know my four readers want to know
what these illustrations could possibly look like,
pictures are in store.

In news unrelated to leeks or animal weddings:
a) Ben and I are looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving at home.
The meal will be wonderfully similar to last year's (guess I didn't blog about it, if you can imagine that) and the year before's. I can't wait!

b) Check it, I sold a great deal of artwork in my college's recent art sale. Hecks yeah! The sale is an annual event that is celebrated and anticipated in the Twin Cities... every year, the halls of my tiny art school are packed to the gills during the weekend before Thanksgiving. The scene is pretty crazy, actually. People run through the buildings, grabbing artwork from the walls and shoving it into big Ikea-style shopping bags! And as cynical as we students become about art as a commodity in the weeks leading up to this circus, none of us are complaining when the checks arrive.

c) We're thinking about visiting our friend T in Ireland next year. Since the only traveling Ben and I do is when we move to a new state (something we've done a ridiculous number of times, actually), this would be big whoop.

* and grooms.


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