Friday, October 01, 2010


If you're not familiar with the widespread phenomenon of women who become pregnant and start hating their dogs, you have the option of catching up here and here!

Because the dog is driving me freaking bananas.

She smells like a gas station bathroom. Having lost some marbles in her old age, she compulsively licks herself.* She whines almost constantly whenever Ben isn't home, which, since the man has a job, is ALL DAY LONG. I can't go into the bedroom and take a goddamn nap, because the dog will find something that belongs to me, in another part of the house, and utterly destroy it. She deliberately pisses on our bathroom rug when I have the audacity to go to the grocery store. And yesterday, while I walked to the post office and back, taking the liberty of leaving the house for twenty minutes, she found a handmade merino wool scarf I'd recently finished knitting for a friend, and chewed the hell out of it. It's ruined! And I can't stand the dog!

P.S. I wasn't going to include the above photo of Bella (R) and her buddy Alexander (L), precisely because you'll look at it and think, "but she's so cuuute!" But recall ye, outrageous acting-out and occasional cuteness aren't mutually exclusive.

*I don't like that my unborn baby is constantly hearing her mother scream, "STOP LICKING!

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  1. haha, hopefully it'll get better soon. is there a way you can build a dog house/designated dog room (with lick-proof walls)?