Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two bentos

Our treasured digital camera has been out of commission,* plus I've been a little too busy over the last few months to document the daily bento situation. But here are a couple from over the summer. Lately we've been doing more salads (especially veggie couscous!) and dips (namely a seriously delicious roasted red pepper and cannellini dip that is SO GOOD with tortilla chips and carrot sticks!).

Top: baba ganouj, couscous salad, chocolate chip cake, grapes, homemade bread.
Bottom: cherries and melon and blueberries, chocolate muffin, carrot sticks, veggie-hummus wrap.

* Now we have a new camera with double the megapixels, and I don't like it half as much as the old one. But we couldn't find anyone to repair the first camera, and I suppose we can't very well show up at the birthing center to have a baby without a working camera.


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