Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, year

2010 was a lively year for us. Ben started a Fancy New Job, we bought a house in small-town Minnesota, I finished school (for what I swear is the last time) and began my illustration career in earnest, and, best of all, we became parents!

It was a good year -- a great and momentous year, really. The changes in our shared life have brought Ben and me* closer together than ever, and the many changes of 2010 are overwhelmingly positive... but they're also simply overwhelming. The baby is a joyful presence in our lives every day, that's for sure, but let me be frank and admit that the girl is running us ragged! No one really tells you how difficult it is to have a newborn, because they know you wouldn't believe it -- couldn't possibly believe it.

But, we are happy. We love our little town and our house, we're happy enough with our respective work, and we've got a charming little girl to dazzle and fascinate us (and keep us awake all night). Life is good!

Our year is ending, though, with rather a muddy puzzle. Doctors are trying to figure out why I started having stomach pain as soon as Bee was born,** and Ben, Bee, and I have been going to the doctor's office every day for the last several days. Doctors thought I was suffering from gallbladder problems (apparently not uncommon after childbirth), but tests don't suggest that that's it at all. I've had blood and urine tests, an ultrasound, and, today, a freaking CAT scan.*** Have you ever had one of those? I ask because what the fuck is up with that stuff they inject into you that makes you feel like you're peeing yourself? Is that strictly necessary??

So we are keeping all things crossed. Hopefully we'll find out soon that I'm suffering from something conveniently curable with a drug that doesn't pass into breast milk--as opposed to, say, something that will leave my baby motherless and my husband wifeless. Sorry to get grim, but one thinks of these things. So here's to a healthy new year, a 2011 that is as happy as 2010 was for us. Warmest wishes to anyone who's still out there reading!

* This is the grammatically correct phrasing of this sentiment; do not give me any crap.
** Due to the timing, I spent weeks thinking the pain was caused by Constant Fear, and the mega-stress associated with new parenthood.
*** Which they now call a CT scan, probably because the words "CAT scan" strike fear into the hearts and bellies of many people. Claustrophobia or whatever. But the machine is not particularly confining... it's shaped sort of like a miniature Stargate, and you move through it while lasers beam through you. When you come out, though, you're not on P2X-416 and you still just have the same old stomachache.


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