Monday, December 27, 2010


These days, Ben and I take turns sleeping. Here are some things I do to stay awake at night when it's my turn to spend some quality time with our girl:

  1. Play this brilliant game,

  2. listen to Music Through the Night,

  3. look at Facebook and wrestle with important decisions like whether I should edit my "political views" info -- from left to far left,

  4. eat leftover Halloween candy (namely, Jolly Ranchers),

  5. blog (if I can reach the laptop),

  6. admire my perfectly sweet little girl,

  7. read novels by Jack Finney, and

  8. stream Netflix (recently: season 2 of Futurama, season 3 of Eureka, some recent SNL episodes, 84 Charing Cross Road (wonderful!), and a handful of Dolly Parton movies (I love Dolly!). Catching up on years of television and movies is one [dubious] bonus to breastfeeding for fifteen hours a day.


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