Monday, January 31, 2011

Since Friday morning

Cups of coffee: 6
Diapers changed: probably about 30
Facebook status updates: 7
Times I've gone outside: 1
Library knitting pattern books perused while Ben held baby: 4
Ravelry patterns "favorited": 8
Blocks of tofu: 2
Bags of recycling: 5
Neighbors chatted with: 2
Showers: 1
Kindergartener-sized sailor dresses: 1*
Thank-you cards scrawled, months late: 5
Hours of sleep: 13 (better than usual!)
Lecithin capsules: 9
Episodes of Golden Girls: 1.2
Knitted sweaters resurrected: 1
(Rows frogged: about 60... sigh.)
Hours spent removing ornaments from X-mas tree: .5
Ornaments remaining on the damned tree: about 15

* Bee won't fit into it for like five more years, but I had to have it for her. Why I'm obsessed with dressing my daughter like a Kennedy when I myself rarely make it out of my plaid pajamas is still unclear, although, now that I think about it, this is probably one of those instances of the question containing the answer.


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