Sunday, February 06, 2011

Frogging and blogging

I've resurrected this sweater and it's driving me totally nuts. Such a simple sweater shouldn't require three rippings-out, but there you go. And although frequently the knitter must take the blame (especially when I am that knitter!), in this case I think Sarah Dallas should have splurged on a top-drawer pattern-tester, I mean it. If anyone knows Ms. Dallas personally, please let her know that I'm in need of errata for the front panel of her Fluffy Sweater pattern. For Pete's sake. When you only get about four minutes of knitting time per day, you resent spending them frogging 60 rows (twice thrice).

In other news, I've been futzing about with a new blog design while sitting here with a baby in my lap. What do you think? Is it annoying that the banner is so big? Not that I know how to fix it.


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