Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And it's certainly sweater weather
in Minnesota

For the first eight years of my knitting life, I had zero interest in knitting an adult-sized sweater, mostly because of the seeming foolishness of buying seven or eight skeins of expensive yarn when I can get virtually any sweater my heart desires for $6.50 at the Goodwill. I was happy and willing to knit child-sized sweaters for the kids of my friends, though; a certain cabled cardigan, toddler-sized, took me months to finish, and was both satisfying and ridiculously complicated. But an adult sweater? Why waste the time and the money?

Then I realized that I had about a dozen skeins of fluffy pink (oh, very pink) yarn in my stash. I'd gotten it for pennies at an estate sale in Madison, and there was no reason not to turn it into a sweater for myself... practically a free sweater, if one looks at it in the right light. So I got out the copy of Vintage Knits that I bought years ago, back when I wasn't a good enough knitter to actually make anything from that book. I flipped to a sweater pattern that looked attractive enough, and set to work over Christmas break. The sweater is very easy... much more straight-forward than the toddler-sized cabled cardigan. I'm following the pattern for shaping, but I've added length to the sleeves (to the whole thing, actually) and substituted my favorite "railroad rib" for the plain ribbing called for in the pattern.

I've spent hours of TV time on this sweater (that is, while watching Stargate and Lost), and at this point I'm done with the sleeves, the back, and half of the front. I hope to Christ it fits.


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