Friday, January 16, 2009

Bento surge - part two

More bento photos! And guess what, in coming months you might notice a cute new bento box hereabouts, 'cause my girl Jen sent me one of those cutie-poo Japanese bentos that I've been secretly wanting but could never justify purchasing (not when Ben and I each have one of these awesome Americanized bento boxes). This thing Jen sent is so fricking cute, though. It has bunnies speaking French! Its two oblong containers fit together and are held together with a cute stretchy band. And there are crazy-cute bento accessories, like dividers and tiny little cupcake papers! Anyway, I'm never going to go down this road, but do keep an eye out for a new, pink vehicle for eggplant pasta salad (actually, I think Ben and I are both tired of that salad, due to the jumbo batch I made last week).

Above: no-queso quesadillas, fresh tomatoes and salsa, banana bread, and yet more eggplant pasta salad from the never-ending foil-wrapped bowl.

Above: eggplant pasta salad, roasted tofu cubes, tangerine dream cupcake, roasted zucchini with sweet potato fries.

Above: curry piroshky, carrot and spinach salad with tangerine vinaigrette, vanilla-pecan cupcake, and roasted zucchini on rice.

Above: green salad with roasted potato and Balsamic vinaigrette, gingerbread mini-muffins, grapes, and curried potato-and-green-pea phyllo parcel.


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