Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Introducing the crock pot

Santa (i.e. Grandma Floy and Grandpa Dave) brought us a crock pot*, and I loooove it! What could be more satisfying than coming home, after a long day of school or work or both, to a hot, savory, and delicious meal that cooked itself? Chopping up some stuff and throwing it into the crock pot in the morning is all the work that's required. Because I can't get enough of the vegan burrito (or its variants, the vegan taco salad and the no-queso quesadilla), I've been using the crock pot to prepare spicy black bean fillings lately. A few cups of cooked beans and some chopped onions, diced yam, and hot sauce is all you really need. I throw some TVP in there, too. Then, in the evening, Ben and I bask in the splendor of vegan burritos with avocado, chopped fresh spinach, salsa, and nice tomatoes.

* I've observed with some disappointment that the term crock pot seems to have gone out of style, maybe because it's a trademark; now, slow cooker is favored. But I like the former, and how 1970s it is, like fondue pots, and ceramic popcorn bowls with "popcorn bowl" or "Rick and Sandy's popcorn bowl" painted on the side.


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