Sunday, January 18, 2009


This attempt at making a convincing vegan tuna salad involved TVP, vegan mayo, minced dill pickle, a bit of onion, and powdered kelp! Verdict: the homemade bread was good, as always, but the fake tuna just wasn't quite right. The TVP was still TVP; I was never able to suspend my disbelief. So the search continues. As for a good vegan chicken salad, don't even get me started! In Seattle I used to get truly perfect vegan chicken salad on pumpernickel from Vegete, and from Rainbow Grocery on Fifteenth (RIP). For three long years in Wisconsin and a year and a half in Minnesota, I've fantasized about those sandwiches and unsuccessfully tried to recreate them.

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  1. I make mock tuna salad with mashed chick peas, vegenaise, sweet pickle relish, spicy mustard, and green onion. It sorta tastes how what I think I remember tuna salad tasting, but it also tastes like mashed chick peas.

    I stumbled onto your blog through a search for 'vegan baked apple' anything, and found your baked apple porridge which I'll be making for breakfast very soon.