Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Frivolous, fun

Allow me to apologize for knitting a cosy for my iPod Touch when a shameful war is raging and
African children are dying in church fires. But this iPod thing is the only cutting-edge device I've ever owned and I'm constantly terrified of breaking it, especially since it provides me the great pleasure of listening to BBC podcasts eleven hours a day.

I made what is basically a tiny sleeping bag for the iPod, appropriating a slip-stitch pattern that, due to its thickness, is also nice for pot holders and Russian hats. Slip-stitch creates a great cushion, perfect for encasing a device that I am likely to drop on the ground frequently.

It's green wool, but is lined with a shiny, smooth peach yarn. There's a hole for the headphones, and another for the on/off button!


  1. Had to go to the Apple Store on-line to find out what an iPod Touch was. Pretty amazing...and all because of a turkey mitten.