Friday, January 04, 2008


Since we're already kind of moody about a) the flaws of the early primary system and b) the results of last night's Iowa caucus, why not tunnel further into despondency by taking down the Christmas tree and making new year's resolutions?

They might not be as far-reaching as my husbeau's pledge "to stay awesome" in 2008, but here are mine:

To scream and swear less when I bump my head, break a dish, burn the banana bread, or accidentally drop a bag of garbage all over the just-mopped floor (all events that have occurred in the last ten days and that are very, very common in my life).

To really try not to be such a klutz. No kidding, I injure myself or break something or burn stuff in the oven almost every single day. I'm irritated by these accidents (because what am I, a gangly thirteen-year-old?) and also by the childish overreactions to them that my gentle husband has to endure.

To print a new issue of my little zine.

To stay awesome.

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