Saturday, July 19, 2008

All hail the Beet Queen!

Ben and I had a lot of fun at the eleventh annual Beet Fest! We wandered Barry and Tami's astoundingly beautiful acreage, ate like animals, admired the vegetable gardens, played foozball, and much more, I assure you. All I can say is, at one point I was shaking a maraca so energetically that I felt sure my right hand would fall off. I wasn't chosen Beet Queen 2008 (neither was Ben, for that matter, although the competition* isn't gender-specific), but I'm genuinely happy for the fellow who will be reigning Beet Queen for the next twelve months (see above). Before the selection process began, I heard the soon-to-be-Beet-Queen tell his pals, "I'm going for it. I'm totally going for it."

*It's more of a mystical, beet-oriented lottery.

Below: Tami (first Beet Queen, eleven years ago) with another former Beet Queen and Beet Queen 2008; Tami being adorable; Beet Parade; royal beet court; beet-headed monster; newly-crowned Beet Queen; Barry driving the beet float; Beet Parade.

And, finally, below, my husband. You can't see the beet juice on his forehead, due to my identity-protecting Adobe Illustrator doodle, but we were all anointed with beet juice at the welcoming ceremony. Ben is so very not the hippie parade type, but since he is a classically trained percussionist the man knows his way around a tambourine:

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  1. this like Burning Man for beets?

    The first time I read this, I thought it said "beet feet."