Monday, July 07, 2008

Thrill of the grill

We grilled on the patio a couple of times over the long (and yet so short) July fourth weekend, and there was something patently festive about it. Eating outdoors in and of itself isn't particularly enchanting, in my book, but when one is stuffing oneself with juicy, enormous portobellos that were cooked out of doors, somehow things get exciting. So much so much so that we cooked out on both Friday and Sunday, and I've smooshed the photos into one tidy little themed blog post. Above: grilled eggplant with nothing but some good olive oil and a little sea salt. Below: grilled zucchini and potatoes; grilltop view of various beautiful vegetables; portobellos on homemade rosemary buns; more beauteous eggplant.


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