Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back-to-school bento

Our bento boxes arrived, and Ben and I took them to work and school, respectively, all week! I don't have time to discuss the benefits and challenges of bento right this moment, because now that school's in I have about twenty seconds of free time a day, but
I do have some lunchtime photos to share.

Below (clockwise from top left):
Couscous salad, chocolate chip zucchini muffin, half a kiwi, and Thai summer rolls with peanut sauce.

Below: Carrot sticks, half a kiwi, chocolate chip zucchini muffin, and three-bean salad.

Below: sweet potato chips, chocolate mini-muffins, half a kiwi, spicy dan-dan noodles.

Below: Blueberry-peach summer rolls, zucchini bread mini-muffins, carrot sticks, and three-bean salad.


  1. sweet bentos! I love how LLB prevents every meal from looking dull. I especially like the peach blueberry roll idea.

  2. Well, hm. The bento isn't particularly small... but I didn't think t he kiwi was particularly large... so, I don't know!! Both? Neither?