Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freud, welding, and me

Today a series of small, non-dangereux mistakes has kept me from learning how to weld. Since I've been terrified of welding since I first heard (on a visit to MCAD three years ago) that I'd have to engage in metal-melting, I wonder if what Freud would say is correct. (I think the famous psychoanalyst would infer that I purposely--though not consciously--left the project instructions at home, for example. Along with my protective gloves. Of course, I think my husband, who knows me better than Freud does, might say that I just forget things. Which is true, I do.)

Accident or "accident," I now have several hours to kill before class, with no welding project to keep me busy.

You probably know this already, but a Freudian slip doesn't just have to be a slip of the tongue, and it definitely doesn't apply just to sexual-type stuff (e. g., "Hi, Prick! Um, I mean Nick..."). Or, hearing a word incorrectly because we are obsessed with something else could be a Freudian Slip. These slips are different from simple mistakes without meaning, because Freudian Slips reveal something of our true feelings and thoughts, know what I mean? Another example might be unintentionally (but maybe a little intentionally) leaving your welding equipment at home because you secretly don't want to do the welding project.

A great take on the Freudian slip as it relates to sending e-mail (the Freudian Send!) can be found here.


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