Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin's big recital

Did you see the glazed-over expression on Sarah Palin's face last night? The expression one wears when reciting something long and fatiguing one has learned by heart? (The Preamble to the Constitution, for example, which I had to recite in high school--or the entirety of "The Raven," which was a little more fun.) She's like a pull-my-string Chatty Cathy doll, except Chatty Cathy was able to retrieve several more phrases than Palin seems to be able to.

I don't think memorizing the answers and then reciting them, unable to deviate from the script, is "straight talk." It's not even really talk; it's a recital. Personally, I would have rather seen her sit down at the piano and bang out a clunky rendition of the Minuet in G Major.

Her plasticity, the colloquialisms ("you betcha!" and "doggone it" and "hecka" are the ones that make my brain explode a little), her total lack of adequacy, and, you know, all the fkg lies are what really get me about Sarah Palin. And, as my friend Tiffany begs, do we really want a VP who has to cram before a debate like it's a Poli Sci exam?

P.S. The photo above makes me laugh really hard (through my fury). I think the best part is how McCain is grinning and pointing like an asshole at somebody out of frame. I'm so glad they didn't Photoshop him out.

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  1. Good Morning America interviewed her best friends and only two of them said they would vote for her. That made me REALLY worried. Yikes!

    Renee :)