Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vegan cabbage rolls are just
nice this time of year

Autumn in the upper Midwest calls for the cooking of certain cool-weather dinners. Last night, it was stuffed cabbage (the cutest part of which is when you cover the cabbage rolls with the tough outer leaves instead of foil for baking*). One day last week, it was a nice pot pie.

I'm not posting a veganized recipe for the stuffed cabbage, 'cause all you've gotta do, peeps, is find a conventional recipe and replace the ground beef with some vegan crumbles, or break up a few Boca Burgers. And if the recipe calls for egg for some reason, don't do it! Thassit! As for what to serve on the side, some old-skool enthusiasts of the cabbage roll call for applesauce, but Ben and I went with mashed potatoes. What do you like with your cabbage rolls?

Below: the pot pie. Looks nicer than last time, right?

* Don't eat those outer leaves, though. They're just there to keep the moisture from escaping from your little hand-rolled cabbage parcels during a torrid hour in your 350-degree oven.

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  1. crazy about Rose Wilder Lane...your pie looks great :}