Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Acute" snack

Well, they are cute! For take-to-work (or take-to-school) lunchies lately, I've been making little edible packages out of phyllo and whatever filling we've got on hand that seems like it wouldn't be gross to eat cold or at room-temperature. I think the above triangle parcels were filled with leftover roasted vegetables, but it's kind of hard to remember. I've also done curried sweet potato filling recently. Little box-shaped (well, roughly box-shaped) packages fit nicely into the square Bento compartment, but the triangular ones are more handsome and more fun to make.

Just cut up the phyllo, plop some filling onto each piece, fold it how you want it, and bake on a cookie sheet for five or ten minutes at 325 degrees or so.

These are also tremendous filled with apples and cinnamon and brown sugar (cook the filling first to soften the apples, as you would with apple pie filling--which is what this is, really), but we are usually in greater need of satisfying lunchtime savories than of sweets. I mean, we've always got sweets.

P. S. Today I spent the morning making Ben's birfday cake, a magical three-layer thing with vegan buttercream and cherry preserves slathered between layers. I frosted it with a fluffy vegan frosting similar to the ones in VCTOTW, although I don't have a copy of that book (I just remember they call for vegan shortening, which is a good idea). I think Ben's gonna like it, I'm just sayin'. I actually lost the recipe to the really great-tasting (but structurally unsound--it collapsed!) cake I made for him last year, so I just winged it this year. All I knew for sure is that I would put Sour Supreme in the batter, because that is the secret to truly moist and fancy and out-of-this world vegan layer cakes.

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  1. I'm all about snacks on the go. Do u have to grease up the phyllo dough sheets? Where is that cake, I bet it was good :)