Friday, October 10, 2008

Garden goodbye

I felt a little like God creating Adam when I finally beheld these short, fat carrots from the garden. I'd never grown root vegetables before, and there's just something heartening in the discovery that it can be done in the backyard. So when the U.S. and global economies collapse and we're all living like animals in the street, we'll be able to grow some potatoes or something.

We still have a few carrots in the ground that we'll pick this weekend. Ben and I haven't pulled our scallions yet, either, and I'm pretty psyched about seeing how those turned out (and cooking them in some soup).

Known for its tendency to appear in enormous bumper crops, zucchini is something Ben and I planted with high hopes. Years past, we've had more zucchini and yellow squash than we knew what to do with (almost--we actually do know what to do with it, and that's make cake!). But, somehow, we only got three zucchini this season. Three! They tasted great sautéed with a little sea salt and olive oil, but left us hungry for more.

Autumn is here, but hopefully that won't mean the absolute end of gardening until next spring. I'm not talking about indoor herb gardening (although we do have a pretty sweet basil plant rockin' the kitchen counter these days), I'm talking about planting garlic in the backyard! I've never tried to grow garlic, but I'm given to understand that it flourishes in the Minnesota climate. You plant the cloves in October and get garlic bulbs in July--quite a time investment, but eight of those months involve nothing but sitting indoors and knitting. Wish me luck.

Below: not exactly an excess yield:


  1. I recently waxed biblically 'bout apples..I dig those carrots ;p

  2. I had one measly cherry tomato this year, for all the foliage and blooms. It took months to ripen - but it was delicious when I finally got to eat it.