Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adiós, piñata!

In a conspicuous effort to prove that Ben and Aimee Are Still Fun, we brought a piñata to John S.'s surprise birthday party Friday night. We chose it from a festive selection at the nearby Mexican market, where two cashiers laughed good-naturedly at the two gringos buying a two-foot piñata.

Readers, here's a hot tip for anyone reading who's thinking, "Ooh, if I bring a piñata to so-and-so's shindig, I will be the life of the party." Do not assume, as Ben and I did, that the maker of the piñata has pre-filled the thing with cheap Mexican candy for you! He or she has not. When, around eleven PM Friday night, our piñata began gamely to receive whacks from a repurposed rainstick, we all expected Mexican Smarties and off-brand Tootsie Rolls to rain down upon us. But they did not. The freaking thing was empty!*

But here it is in the car beforehand, being chauffuered by Ben.

* When I made a piñata for high school Spanish class in 1991, I knew enough to cut a little hole in the papier-mache, fill the thing with sweets, and glue it closed again. But this time, buying a readymade, I assumed that my twelve dollars was buying a complete piñata, not a do-half-of-it-yourself piñata.


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