Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All is well

On Saturday, Ben and I participated in our city's anti-war march and rally. In these photos from the Silent Majority blog, we're the ones with the "all is well" sign.

Ben's only complaint about these protests is that the chants are always a bit trite for his nuanced anti-war position. To use his subsequent words, we'd both be happier with something like: What do we want? An evaluation of policy as well as a strategic redeployment of troops to key Iraq sites to prevent civil war! When do we want it? Gradually!

Personally, I'm fond of a nice vague chant--multi-purpose and inspiring. My favorite has always been "the people/ united/ will never be defeated!" (In one variation, the last word is actually "divided"--unrealistic, but it rhymes!) Other popular chants are less successful, I think. What are we really supposed to do with blythe platitudes like "hey-hey, ho-ho, this occupation has got to go?" I mean, really. Still, I'm always glad when Ben and I have the opportunity to join with other citizens to register our dissent over this endless war.


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