Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pizza night!

On a very recent pizza night, Ben and I made and enjoyed both an onion, mushroom, and soysage pizza (top) and a garlic-tomato "white" pizza (bottom). To make a meatless Italian sausage, we spiced up some Gimme Lean soysage with basil, oregano, and hot sauce, then sauteed the cute little soysage balls in a bit of olive oil. They were two of the best homemade pizzas I've ever eaten, with a soft and chewy deep-dish crust.


  1. does leaving out pizza sauce make the pizza a white one or do you use something as a sub?

  2. Pavotrouge, the white pizza has a garlic-and-olive oil "sauce" (just minced garlic sauteed in lots of salted olive oil) instead of tomato sauce. Both of the pizzas also have Follow Your Heart vegan mozzerella, which we melt first with a little soymilk before putting it on the pizzas. (Just thinking about it makes me wish it were already pizza night again.)