Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cell phones & pregnancy

Even scarier than realizing you like Conway Twitty is the
mysterious, but apparently real, connection between
using a cell phone when you're pregnant and having
your kid develop emotional and behavioral problems.
(I read about it on S.'s blog. She links directly to the
research, like a dutiful public policy analyst.)

Now, clearly, more rsch is needed to clarify what factors
are really linking these two things. It could be that
talking on cell phones has a causal effect here, but it
could, of course, be something else entirely. Probably,
there's something else, something complicated, going on
here. I'm unwilling to venture a guess/generalization,
but I am willing to give up my cell phone minutes
if I get pregnant. Please, that would be tons easier than
giving up coffee, which is apparently the thing to do.


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