Sunday, May 25, 2008

Form Follows Function (or, We Love Burritos)

Long, skinny ingredients like the sauteed sweet potato sticks pictured above are perfect for rolling up in a burrito. I didn't specifically learn that in my art and design history classes, but come on -- it's just Good Design!

I'm pretty certain everyone knows how to make a decent burrito, but the challenge is making your burritos more delicious and less expensive than the ones you can get at the taco places in your city's international district. Otherwise, why bother, really? To make the hauntingly yummy and not-too-expensive burritos Ben and I put together this weekend, we rolled up our sauteed sweet potato strips and spicy pinto-and-black-bean mixture with some avocado slices*, chopped tomato, fresh spinach (way more delicious and vitamin-y than lettuce), sauteed summer squash, and fresh--although not homemade--salsa. Easy.

Just be sure to season whatever beans you use with a bunch of cumin, basil, orgeano, and whatever you've got that's hot'n'spicy (as usual, we used Sriracha sauce). Cilantro would be nice, too, and it seriously costs like ninety-nine cents for more fresh cilantro than you could possibly use.

Above: 'rito fixings

*Also a long, skinny, burrito-appropriate ingredient.


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