Saturday, May 17, 2008


Second report in a series of three on What I Bought with my Yarn Store Gift Certificate:

I probably should have photographed my new Chibi next to a twenty-five cent coin or something. Anything to clarify that its size is about three inches long and maybe an inch in diameter. It's not, as my photo suggests, a nine-inch "massage" toy.

Anyway, the Chibi is a cute little container for tapestry needles, which is what most knitters use to weave in the yarn ends when a project is done. (Some people use a crochet hook, but I associate that method with misery.) Tapestry needles, though, are slim and weigh almost nothing, even the metal ones, and are easy to lose (I was down to ONE, a crappy plastic blue one that I kind of hate).

I've been wishing for a Chibi for ages. They're not expensive or anything, but I haven't seen them at many yarn shops and I just haven't wanted to bother ordering something that costs $3.99 over the Internet, then paying the same amount to have it shipped, you know? That's where the gift certificate comes in. By the way, they come in various colors; I lucked out and got a green one. Oh, and each Chibi comes with three tapestry needles!

Apparently I'm not the only Chibi lover.

But as far as knitting luxuries go, I'm saving the very best for last. The forthcoming third report in this series will be about something very, very special.


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