Sunday, May 18, 2008

Denouement (report #3)

Buying myself a pair of twenty-five dollar ebony knitting needles is not something I would ever do. I mean, I'm a student. My husband and I rent. The Minnesota state budget is nearly a billion dollars in deficit, which means jobs at his St. Paul office are about to be cut (including, very possibly, Ben's job). And general poor-ness is something he and I have come to terms with. So how do I justify twenty-five dollar ebony knitting needles? Two words: gift certificate.

Oh my god, these needles are a dream: soft, smooth, and genuinely a pleasure to hold in the hand. Knitting with the double-pointed needles of Heaven, that's what it is like. Makes me averse to ever using the regular old bamboo ones (which until now I've always liked) again... not to mention the old metal and plastic needles which, despite their vintage charm, bring no pleasure or joy to my knitting. (I just keep the metal ones in case I ever have to defend the family from a burglar.) Anyway, I won't go so far as to say that all of my future projects have to be able to be done on six-inch #3 double-pointed needles, because that's a bit (just a bit!) limiting and I do have dozens of perfectly nice bamboo needles of various sizes. But let's just say I'll be prioritizing socks and baby sweaters for a while.

Oh, and if you're a knitter: my ebonies are made by Lantern Moon.

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  1. beautiful, beautiful beautiful sticks. gorgeous. also, i'm referring a friend to your blog for the recipes and your blogging prowess.