Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blog cabin

A week spent at a sweet little cabin "up north" has rested and revitalized me, and now I kind of understand those "I'd rather be at the cabin" bumper stickers.

Oh, it was fun! Ben and his parents and I (and our dog, and theirs) spent the week canoeing, reading, and relaxing.* No e-mail! No Facebook! No uploading photos to Blogger! There were cell phones, but we turned them off.

One morning, I made pancakes with the wild blueberries we picked.

My sweet father-in-law brought his copies of Pullman's Golden Compass series, on which novels Ben and I were instantly hooked. I'm nearly finished with the second book, and Ben is occupied with the third. I also re-read The Turn of the Screw over the course of a couple of cool northern evenings, and relished having the bejesus pleasantly scared outta me. Honestly, that novel chills me to the marrow. Are you familiar with the tale? A most elegant ghost story. Personally, I love to think it was all in the governess' head, which is obviously the most terrifying interpretation, and therefore the most satisfying.

In addition to the landlubberly pursuits of reading, knitting, sleeping, cooking, and listening to NPR (we are civilized folk, after all), we also, some of us, canoed and splashed about in something called Rose Lake. (I'd convinced Ben to pack his swimming trucks, but was not able to induce him to put them on and go in the water.)

I didn't take many photos, and most of the ones I did take are of interesting fabric patterns discovered in our little log cabin. There was a beautiful handmade quilt, for example, with the loveliest combination of colors! And the sweetest little Scandinavian curtains (just visible in blueberry pancake batter photo).

* Us. Not the dogs. Well, one dog did go on a reluctant turnabout in the canoe.


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