Friday, August 22, 2008

Something else he's good at

One kitchen thing I'm not very good at is baking cookies. Cupcakes, yes. Lovely breads, okay. Fabulous vegan cakes, check. But I swear to god, I can't make perfect cookies to save my freaking life. They're always either too cakey or too brittle. I'm not saying my cookies are the worst thing ever, or that they don't usually taste good. But they're varying degrees of imperfect. Sometimes very imperfect, and sometimes, like my peanut butter cookies, almost correct.

Ben, though, makes terrific vegan cookies! Thank goodness! They're buttery-tasting and sweet and perfectly tender/chewy/crisp. The ones pictured above are a batch of chocolate chip granola cookies that really rocked my socks. Maybe he'll make them for me again this weekend, as I prepare to say a bittersweet goodbye to summer vacation.


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