Saturday, August 16, 2008


My laptop is home again, fixed. After the
Apple repair place got through with it, I had
to take the poor thing to school and have all
of the software reinstalled on it, and now I'm
spending the afternoon trying to get all the
settings back where I like them.

I'm also trying to remember the address of anybody's blog,
since all of my bookmarks got wiped out. So if you know or suspect that I read your blog, could you leave a comment with your blog address? Because I'm just not smart enough to remember all those addresses, dears. This means you, Pavotrouge, Candy Penny, Sara, Roxanne... and others...

In other "news":
a) I'm thinking about buying a Wacom Tablet. I love using these digital drawing tablets, with their robot pens, for digital illustration and comics.
b) We've had some gorgeous green beans from our backyard garden!
c) I slept like ass last night. I lay awake thinking about some sad news I found out yesterday about a couple of Cleveland friends.
d) A swap I was in over at the 'Bot got canceled. Which was too bad, because I'd already made my toadstool stuffie. So, if anyone out there would like to swap toadstool stuffies with me, drop a line, yo.
e) School resumes in a week and a half! And, like a lazy teenager, I've wasted the entire summer!
f) Ben and I are going to the farmers' market tomorrow. We haven't gone all summer, if you can believe that! Ingrates!

End transmission.


  1. here ya go!

  2. mais oui! i've missed your posts!


    Those ravioli look amazing, I'm glad yr back!

  4. Also, Cook recommends that you buy an Intuos 6 by 8 tablet. This means nothing to me, but it means something to him, as he uses a Wacom Tablet for all computer functions...