Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laptop, Olympics, pissed off

My laptop totally crashed last week, and as
a result:

a) the hard drive has to be completely replaced,
b) everything I've made or written on that
laptop is gone, most of which I won't miss
except for the source files for my animations,
c) the Apple repair place has kept my computer
for a week-long slumber party with other
broken-down, busted-up laptops, and
d) I'm checking e-mail at the public library
with the rest of the proletariate (this result
is the only fun one; I love the library! And
the proletariate!).

So, I haven't had a chance to blog about the Olympics, and I don't have much time right now, but I do have to ask if any of my four readers saw that ass-head George W. Bush yawning and looking at his watch during the opening ceremony? He looked completely bored, then looked at his watch. Then Laura Bush looked at her watch, probably wondering when she could get back to the hotel and eat some more children.

I don't usually much care about the Olympics myself, but that opening ceremony was something else, wasn't it? I was overwhelmed by the bringing together of history, culture, art, politics, technology, IDEOLOGY... just, wow. But, one serious complaint: this crap about NBC making everyone take down YouTube videos of the opening ceremony? That is seriously offensive. NBC can copyright the footage they themselves shoot, but you can't tell the whole fucking world that they're not allowed to take video of the Olympics and share the video. You can't copyright an international public event, assholes. Anyway, this is a big controversy (google it), and it should be, because it's total bullshit!

Also, one more sore spot: what is up with Taiwan not being allowed to be called Taiwan, or carry their own freaking national flag? As I'm sure you know, China claims Taiwan as part of its territory, and Taiwan, who has no interest in being claimed, has a small problem with that. It's this whole decades-long thing. But, in order to be admitted to the Olympics, Taiwan had to agree to be referred to in the Olympics as "Chinese Taipei," and to carry some special flag designed just for the Olympics. Ridiculous. The Olympics are free of political influence and interference, are they?

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  1. Yah, pretty much didn’t watch the opening extravaganza because I think China is abusive to its baby and adult athletes alike. I watch them perform to honor their humanity and what they have achieved under incredible duress.

    I have become a total May & Walsh groupie. Anyone that has every run barefoot on the beach knows those two women are buff, and their concentration and finger signals make me feel like a different species as I count my stitches, and sew new hems on a blouse that had some nasty big cuffs.

    I have been an Olympic junky my whole life…but the commercials every two minutes usually make me turn them off long before I have gotten my fill. I was in Beijing ten years ago, when you could still sneak around the amazing maze of Hutongs. Women knit like crazy in China.