Monday, August 18, 2008

Homemade tomato sauce and vegan ravioli

When you spend your summer in pursuit of brilliant housewifing, you get to do things like cook vast quantities of homemade tomato sauce and cut out dozens of tiny, homemade vegan ravioli.

The ravioli pasta is a semolina dough (with dried oregano, which is what those dark bits are) that I roll out paper-thin. I use a small wine glass (diameter of about 2", which is quite small) to cut out the ravioli, then I fill them with vegan ricotta (in the ravioli pictured here, I added a handful of spinach and some fresh basil to the vegan ricotta before puréeing). If you want to do it the way I do it, press the edges of the ravioli together with wet fingers first, then use the tines of a fork to seal the deal.

It's a time investment, but if you put on some music you'll be able to make a couple dozen ravioli before you start wanting to kill yourself. The last dozen or so are the real challenge. But if the Olympians have taught us anything, it's that hard work pays off (and never let go of your dreams! and anything really is possible!).

Boil the ravioli 3-5 minutes.

The pasta sauce is the real delight, though, when you sit down to eat. Sauce made from fresh tomatoes is really tops. You can google it and find a million different recipes, or you can just peel the tomatoes, cut them up, and cook them down until it starts looking like pasta sauce. You need to throw some salt and onions and garlic and chopped fresh basil in there, too. I let mine simmer on the stovetop all day while I'm doing other haus-frau things, like baking bread or scrubbing the kitchen floor with a sponge.

Above: many cutie-cute little ravioli; semolina dough being cut into small circles; homemade basil-tomato sauce simmers all day; ravioli with spinach-basil vegan ricotta, although I photographed one that doesn't look like it has much filling.


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