Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve weather report and
partial account of winter blessings

Here on the cold plains of Minnesota, the temps and wind
chills have been so far below zero for so long that today,
when we hit a balmy nine degrees above zero in the
Twin Cities, I was tromping around with my coat hood down
and mittens stuffed into the pockets of my enormous L.L.
Bean winter coat. It was sunny, cold, windless, and wonderful!

But we've still got a seven-inch snow cover, so I couldn't lose
the big, purple snow boots. And won't for a long, long time.

And yet... there are some things I like about winter in Minnesota:
1) hot comfort foods, like biscuits and gravy (see photo), for brunch,
2) staying home and snuggling on the couch,
3) reading books indoors instead of feeling that I should be outside
hiking or swimming or some crap like that,
4) piling on the blankets,
5) winter vacation!!!!!, and
6) the sense that we're all doing something very brave and special by
surviving winter in Minnesota.

Above: vegan biscuits and mushroom gravy, a feel-good winter breafast.


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