Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ben and I are both hooked on this stupid/fun Facebook game where you design a little creature and interact with it. It's called "Pet Society," and I'm spending way too many of my vacation hours giving Cinnamon a bath, feeding him leeks, filling his apartment with cute digital furnishings, and gambling away his coins at the Pet Society race track. As Ben joked, if I keep losing all of Cinnamon's coins at the track, Cinnamon is going to want to get emancipated. Ben's creature, incidentally, is a brown, furry thing with big, blue eyes. Definitely order Rodentia, maybe Peromyscus eremicus.* And I should correct the first line of this paragraph, because Ben is not "hooked" on Pet Society; rather, he kind of hates it, and only logs on reluctantly. Recently, after avoiding the game for a few days, he found the embattled Duncan covered with virtual flies.

What kind of creature is Cinnamon, you wonder? I can't rightly say, but he looks like an antelope-guinea pig hybrid. In the above screenshot, he's eating a meatball I obtained in the Pet Society grocery store. (Guess he's not vegan.) Also, he is wearing a yellow construction worker hat.

* Cactus mouse


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