Friday, December 19, 2008

WWI balaclava!

Here's my first knitted "helmet," based on a Red Cross Society pattern from WWI. During the first World War, the Red Cross would provide yarn, and more or less this hat pattern, to American women. Of course, the finished hats were sent to men in the military (and I'm pretty sure the knitters didn't blog about it). Anyway, damn is this hat warm! I love it! A perfect shoveling-the-driveway hat! But it will soon be on its merry way to Ohio in time for Christmas.

I'm knitting a second balaclava, this time in stockinette stitch. And in black. Cool.


  1. omg... you know that thousands of kids in Germany in the 90s and 80s were turtured with itchy versions of this?

  2. Very nice. Do you have a collection of old patterns? I have lots of them and would be happy to lend for photocopying if you're interested (or maybe you have too many already).