Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas knitting made public!!!

Now that I won't be ruining any surprises, I can reveal to all and sundry the various gifts I knitted for friends and fam for Christmas this year! First, there are these embroidered wristlets with thumb holes. Although the knitting was unchallenging (just some ribbing, stockinette, a basic gusset, and some more ribbing), the embroidery thing was new to me. I was a little gun-shy because when I tried embroidery a couple of years ago, the result was nothing to write home about. Maybe it's the year and a half of art school under my belt, but this time when I picked up the embroidery needle, it felt natural. I'm really proud of these. Truth be told, sending them off to their new owner--my good friend Jenifer in Cleveland--was not easy. My wrists wanted to keep them. But Jen's had a tough year, and the woman deserves embroidered wristlets.

Below, gaze upon the stripey socks I made for my mum. I know blue and yellow aren't technically complementary colors, but I've always thought they looked nice together. I remember making friendship bracelets* with embroidery floss in these colors when I was a pre-teen (we didn't have the word 'tween back then).

Next up, another pair of warm socks. These big woolies were terrifically cozy, and went to my little brother KR. As you can see, they're definitely Man Socks.

I still have one more knitted gift to disclose, but I'll save it for next post. Hint: yet more stripes, 'cause I'm crazy like that.

* Or, more correctly, trying to make friendship bracelets. I didn't really know how to do it, which was a significant disadvantage for a fifth-grader in the mid-eighties.