Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two angels

Here's the first angel, doing his part to ready our tree for the ornaments I've been socking away all year. I don't think Ben placed a single ornament on the tree (we both know that's the job of an artiste anyway), but he sure does do a good job with the old-fashioned, fat-bulb Christmas lights. One of us dropped a string and broke it, and it wasn't him!

And the sweetest little Chinese angel tree-topper came into my life last month. I know it's uncouth to boast about such things, but I have to tell the world (or at least the four people who read this blog)--I got her for one dollar! I don't know how or why this sweetest of objects found its way to a Minnesota thrift store, but her pageboy haircut, wondering black eyes, and burlap dress bring me nearly to tears!

Tomorrow: photos of the tree festooned with one zillion ornaments.

1 comment:

  1. Ben has now morphed into a giant heart headed boy? Well, he's still awesome nonetheless! And congrats on the total find with the tree topper - a very Aimee angel, indeed. Merry Christmas, you two, I cannot wait until we see you again.