Thursday, December 06, 2007

Little hat for little Ben

His mom might read my blog (hi, Jen!), but I'm pretty sure toddler Benjamin (not to be confused with husband Benjamin) doesn't. So it will still be a wooly Christmas surprise. It's a total delight to knit for a three-year-old who DEMANDS to wear his green hand-knit mary-jane slippers every morning.

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  1. Squee! Yes, I do read your blog, but am just a terrible commenter (is that even a word?) - although I adore every single post.

    The above photo of the amazing hat has prompted me to come out of isolation...because said hat is truly adorable! Ben will surely go nuts, and can now add to his "Aimee" collection. I not only have to put on said green slippers every morning, but I hear how they are the "geen sippers from Aimee" on each fitting...oh how he adores those slippers - and now a cutesy hat - what is a boy to do!?!?

    I cannot wait to see you guys - perhaps a trip to Minnesota will be in our not so distant future.