Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finals, croissants, and a Robot Pen

One of my favorite art pieces this semester was a series of Minneapolis maps I made from fabric, elastic, thread, sequins, and beads. Here's one of them!

Although there aren't many conventional exams in art skool (I only have one final exam this week), the final projects are really overwhelming, even for nerdies like me who keep things on a pretty even keel throughout the term. For example, I've already spent more than thirty hours (since Friday!) on a comic for my 2-D class. That's what I get for challenging myself to master the Robot Pen, I suppose. On the bright side, my drawing instructor, the gifted painter Michael Kareken, loved the croissant drawing. No technology there, just charcoal and some pretty pastries.

1 comment:

  1. Your croissants are very, very good. I used to do some charcoal in High school, but never kept it up after marrying. That choice is looked back on with regret just as the choice of not keeping up with piano lessons (It seems that most people have that regret).