Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don't cuddle me, I'm a scientist.

Any of ya'll read S.'s blog? She gives us thoughtful
posts about parenting, academia, and being a
grown-up. Oh, and Ben and I think her toddler,
Dutch, is some kind of genius. Here's a recent
post we both loved.

"Dutch came into the livingroom and sat down with a
crossword puzzle and a crayon, and started coloring
in the boxes.

Cook: What are you doing, Dutch?
Dutch: I'm just sciencing.
Cook: Really?
Dutch: Yeah. I'm just coloring and thinking. That's sciencing.

Later she lay down on the couch next to Cook and he
put his arm around her, whereupon she said 'Don't
cuddle me. I'm a scientist.'"


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