Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cake and finals

Another vegan applesauce cake has come and gone. This time we threw in some extra cinnamon and a little more oil and, as anticipated, it was even better than the 1,659 vegan applesauce cakes that came before it.

Another thing that has come and (almost) gone is my first year of art skool. In a week and a half, it'll be time for a glorious summer during which to reflect upon what I've learned. No time for that kind of deliberation now, though: I have several hundred hand-painted animation cels to scan (each takes 6-7 minutes!) and animate, a stop-motion to shoot (haven't even finished fabricating the puppet and set, for Christ's sake), and a shitty drawing to salvage for Michael's class. I know wishing won't make it so, but, in the area of figure drawing, I do wish I had improved more--a lot more. But, barring the unexpected, there's always next year.


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